The LINK: Bridging Generations

Never before has the link between our past & our future been so fragile."

Have you noticed the growing generational gap that exists in America between the generations? It is only to our society’s detriment that youth ignore age and wisdom. Here at Visual Peace Media we want to do our part by producing an exemplary, inspirational story of the younger seeking the elder's wisdom… and the elder seeking the good of the younger.

The LINK: Bridging Generations is a 2015 documentary short we are working on to highlight this social issue through the true stories of Al, David, and Lorena. 

Al Lopez is a former VP of Finance for IBM & Dell, who later in life discovered the difference between success and significance. It was God who revealed this to him and continues to lead him through an amazing life story of community service. 

Since getting Al's commitment to this documentary, we've also connected to the entrepreneur behind Spicy Mama Salsa, David Contreras (below). Al helped David get his business started & David modeled humbly approaching an elder, in this case Al, for wisdom. 

David now applies 30% of his business' profits toward his non-profit LAUNCHPAD which mentors troubled youth in what has typically been considered a "wrong side of the tracks" neighborhood in Austin, TX. David is from those streets and he might still be there had it not been for divine intervention and elders who reached out to him. Through David's efforts one young woman, Lorena, tells her story of transformation and hope where once there was none.

There is a clear link showing how trustworthy elders can invest in the younger. And the younger has to receive the support in humility and be able to open up with trust. We're aiming to reveal both the downward and upward link in the generations connecting. 

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Production Status: in production (2015)
Crew: Director--Mario Mattei, Director of Photography--Dennis Weaver, Producer/Art Director--Nikita Weaver