Muslim exchange students in USA struggle to dissociate themselves from extremism. American youth are "labeled" too. But hope exists.

Popular rhetoric supposes Western and Islamic “civilizations” are bound to “clash.” But is this true?

Ex:Change reveals a heart-touching friendship between Molly (American) and Anum (Pakistan) as well as the positive and sometimes challenging experiences from other Muslim exchange students in America (from Palestine, Sierra Leone, & Pakistan).

Millions of Muslims around the world are being demonized as “extremists” or “terrorists.” Much of this is fueled when media, politicians, and religious leaders present conflicts as binary oppositions--good vs. evil. 

As these Muslim youth mature amidst this global context, they find themselves struggling to dissociate themselves from extremism. Western youth approach adulthood pre-conditioned to fear Muslims. Likewise, young Muslims often perceive Western youth as unanimously materialistic, immoral, and arrogant--devoid of family values, faith, and honor.

Amidst these challenges Ex:Change highlights the peacemaking power in a simple human bond of friendship. 


Directed & Produced by Mario Mattei

Edited by Peter Bergmeier

Graphics by Peter Bergmeier

Photography by Mario Mattei

Audio by Peter Bergmeier




Mario Mattei


Peter Bergmeier