‘Dance the Past into the Future’ makes its debut on digital HD!

We are thrilled to announce that the feature documentary ‘Dance the Past into the Future’ makes its debut on digital HD. ‘Dance the Past into the Future’ – a film by award-winning filmmaker Mario Mattei – is a universal story of cultural changes in North-eastern Turkey. As social and economic forces encroach upon traditional culture in Turkey's Kachkar mountain highlands, many distinctive practices have vanished or are facing extinction. Among the three generations now straddling the not-yet-forgotten past and the globalized tomorrow, some are finding hope in one tradition that could stand alone as the primary catalyst for ongoing cultural identity: communal peace and the celebration of life.

The story, though set amidst the beautiful hills of the Kachkar mountains, explores far wider and more important issues, ones that effect many regions throughout the world: the issue of losing local cultural identity in the clash with Western culture. Is there hope for local traditions and cultures to thrive despite everything?

Travel on an adventure into gorgeous, pastoral highlands. Get immersed in music and dance festivities. Discover hope amidst these dying traditions. Join elders mourning the loss of intergenerational connection. Get inspired by this generation's efforts to define their own future whilst still honoring their past.

In the avalanche of modern developments, will the mountain-based cultures of northeast Turkey suffocate?

Dance the Past into the Future’ is available now to all regions, for purchase or rent on Digital HD!

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