Better than a Film Award

Better than winning a film award is knowing that you've made a lasting difference. Below is an interview transcript that is deeply rewarding to us...

The 43 year old woman speaking grew up in the big city and then moved to a mountainous village to start an ecotourism bed & breakfast and live off the land of their ancestors. Our film crew lived in their historical family home.

"I want to thank you. This kind of film project is something that no Turk up until now has been able to accomplish or has even thought of doing, and here an American is doing it. Like having an interview with me. I mean, it's not that I think I'm so important that I should be interviewed, but still I am expressing to you the distillation of twenty years of experience. Some things need to be explained to people. And you are making it happen. You are championing our values even more than we ourselves are.


The values of these lands are actually the values of all of us. That's how I see it. When you take on these values and share them, then these lands and the things we have, they belong to all of us. For me there is no American or Turk or wherever a person might be from, because we are all humans, we are all people of this one earth. The most beautiful message is peace, in my opinion. Let's be a beautiful society together, without warring, without devouring and destroying each other.

And in my opinion you have communicated a message to humanity. In that sense you have done a beautiful thing. It's a beautiful thing. I hope that these things continue."

--Kader  |  Rize, Turkey

We want "these things" to continue, too!

Receiving an award without a shout out would be incomplete: For our crew, we feel that if we had not been following the "Prince of Peace" into this project, it would have been less rich, less meaningful, less transcendent. We want to give a shout out to God for being involved in our creative pursuits.