DPF accepted by the Int'l Documentary Association!

Merhaba, friends,

We want to share some exciting news. Dance the Past Into the Future has been accepted by one of the world's leading documentary associations, the IDA. See them at documentary.org

That's the right, the fine folks at the IDA in Los Angeles have accepted our documentary into their fiscal sponsorship program. This means that as we apply for grants to fund the remaining post production work and outreach budget, we will be vetted by the IDA, who receives enormous amounts of grants from about 40 organizations annually. Bottom line, we increased our chances of receiving a grant. 

We are also honored to be selected and endorsed by the IDA. They're both professional and passionate about documentary film. They do A LOT for filmmakers like us. 

Other than that... we're plugging away with the more than 1,200 pages of transcripts, taking notes and forming the narrative arc. Next will be a deeper review of the footage with more tagging and note taking---then onto some rough cuts. It's a marathon (insert Chariots of Fire theme song here). 


Mario Mattei & Crew