Glory Days v. Grunt Work

From Kickstarter - Dec. 12, 2012

Remember when we were posting photos and stories of our adventures filming and living in the mountainous villages. Those were the glory days!!! 

But what's going on now? It's a much less glamorous time indeed. We're organizing, logging footage, syncing camera and audio, cleaning up sequences, transcribing and translating ALL spoken words. Lots of "grunt work".  

Winston Churchill once noted that leaders don't just ascend to a place of prominence when the world needs good leadership. Rather, they've been practicing and developing all along in small daily habits, so that when the call comes they're already prepared to step up. Likewise, an Olympic Gold Medalist doesn't win on competition day. They win everyday by sticking to their regimen of exercise, training, and nutrition to be the world's best.  

The point... nothing great happens without grunt work & diligence in details! So if you're in a phase of work like this, too, be encouraged. The glory days will come around again! 

This is just our way of updating you on our progress and making a big, "meaningful" excuse for not having any current photos to show you of what we're doing now. But we will post a couple production stills to satisfy the visual appetite. 

Holiday Cheers & Merry Christmas, 

Mario Mattei & Crew