DPF in Nation-wide News

From Kickstarter - Jan. 18, 2013 

Just some quick exciting news. I (Mario) just finished interviewing with Sabah News here in Turkey, a highly-read, nation-wide news outletThe article will be both in PRINT and ONLINE, but in Turkish only. 

The reporter found us on Kickstarter. She's fascinated by the project, had many good questions, and will be providing an endorsement as well as a positive Press Review when we finish (if she likes it, of course). This ups our game at Film Festivals and can kick up some momentum at the right time.

What stood out to me the most today from the interview is that she ended our time by thanking us for making this film the way that we are. That's very reassuring. Our goal isn't to make a film that makes us look good. Our real desire is to use filmmaking as a way of serving. 

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Shine Through,

Mario & Crew