Celebrate With Us & Next Steps

From Kickstarter · Aug. 27, 2012 

We met our phase 1 funding goal of 6,480! And we did it with just 61 Backers. We are so grateful for each and every person who took the time to give. We're grateful for every donation, large and small. We really believe you gave toward a good thing. Of course, or else we wouldn't be pursuing this with all our hearts and strength. But really, it's not just the human story that's going to be good on film. 

It's also been a fantastic relational experience for us here. With 70 people interviewed---some obviously extremely short and others in depth---we feel that we've made a handful of new wonderful friends. These new friends are young and old, from cities and villages, from every walk of life and philosophical perspective. So diverse!

With a title like ours, how could you film this and not put down the camera to learn and enjoy the dance…. yes, we worked hard, but we also took some time to immerse ourselves in the experience. It only deepens the filmmakers' perception. Should we have also milked cows and goats? Maybe.

Our film crew is moving to a nearby city. This means we'll be able to do follow-up filming where needed and also re-visit some of our characters---just for fun and for becoming better friends. Editing will take months. There's over 70 hours of footage so far. Lots of transcription and translation work to do. Our guess is that Dance the Past Into the Future will be a 30 to 60 minute documentary. We are also researching Film Festivals to submit to. 

On this filming journey we have encountered a handful of providential contacts with connections to various international film festivals and local TV stations. In fact, the director of the London Turkish Film Festival is someone we're pleased to call our new friend.

In order to raise the next 10,000, or more, we'll likely need to put together a new trailer and pitch. With that we'll determine what grants to seek, we might also raise funds via our non-profit Visual Peace Media, or do another Kickstarter campaign for some of it. We have at least one opportunity to pitch a pre-sale deal with a major distributor. That would take care of it. But pre-sales are really tough to land as a first time filmmaker. We will do our best and trust our Maker with the rest.

So, Thank you, thank you, thank you. You not only have participated in this project on a practical level, but you have also fueled us with the energy of your generosity and enthusiasm. 61 "Backers" is about more than the funds. It's about shared interests, shared passion, and shared purposes.

peace, salaam, shalom,
Mario & Crew