Tim Cowley specializes in documentary photography and videography, web design and audio production. He has lived in Africa since 2003 (in Malawi and Mozambique) where he works in development and in media production. Most of his Ajambule Media work focuses on humanitarian projects and assisting NGOs and Christian mission agencies in illustrating the stories they have to tell in order to promote their work, solicit donations, etc.

As part of his work in Africa, he started a website that focuses on all things Yawo (the tribal group he works with). Called The I Am Yawo Project, a place “where anthropology and visual media meet”, the idea is to use the web to share resources, knowledge and foster discussion as the Yawo enter the 21st century, albeit slowly. Other photographic work he enjoys includes street, travel, landscape, macro and portrait.

Tim's education comes from Cedarville University (B.A. in Broadcasting - Audio/Video Production) and a Masters of Arts degree in Digital Storytelling is currently underway through Asbury University. His current media project is called Sick in Africa“, a feature-length documentary about the journey that his Yawo friends take to find healing.