Mario Mattei, filmmaker & cinematographer, is a people-person based in Austin who stays busy making videos for brands & documentaries for impact. 

His globe-trotting work has taken him to Turkey, Kashmir, Malawi, Kazakstan, Jordan, Indonesia & more. His background in web, motion, & graphic design also contribute to a broad & colorful pallet of experience. 

Mario is passionate about contributing to the common good & adding value in the marketplace. Besides creative directing at design & digital solutions companies, Mario's commercial viability stems from experience pursuing visual peacemaking.

In 2009, Mario moved to Turkey. There he founded The International Guild of Visual Peacemakers. Through 2014 Mario produced photographic works & micro documentaries. He also founded the non-profit, Visual Peace Media.

Mario's documentary, Dance the Past Into the Future, explores finding hope amidst the rapidly changingtraditional culture of northeast Turkey.

It's been a while since his early days of Kodak film, graffiti, rock bands, & education at ASU & the Art Institute of Phoenix. But one thing remains: Mario carries a creative vision inspired by a big, vibrant world that he loves giving back to.