Our goal is to offer stories of hope, cultural appreciation, and alternative perspectives--especially where conflict, mistrust, or misconceptions exist.

Amid peoples' many wonderful differences, we seek to elevate common humanity as a viable means to living in harmony. Through human stories we discover pieces of ourselves in others. We relate their actions and choices to our own experiences and find meaning in our own life. [more]


Feature Length Documentaries

A Journey to Redemption [2015]

Join a group of courageous, spirit-led Turks and Armenians on "A Journey of Redemption" through Pasadena, Istanbul, Malatya & Elazig.

Dance the Past Into the Future [2014]

Travel to the highlands of Turkey where rich cultural arts are quickly being forgotten due to modern ways of thinking.

Short Documentaries

Sick in Africa Part 1 - Bernad's Story - "I thought I was bewitched." [2016]

Come to northern Mozambique where a friendly group called the Yawo live. Feel their frustrations as they try their best to find healing in a place with few resources. Explore deeper into thought and worldview.

Aroma of Peace [2016]

Aroma of Peace is a short documentary about three women from opposites sides of the world coming together for the common good. This film was created for seekingpeace.org.

Mr. Gold [2015]

Mr. Gold is a short documentary about Jose Melendez, a street corner promotions man for a jewelry store. A 21-time felon who has spent 11 years in prison, he uses his job to bring joy to those passing by while also yearning to help people like him.

Hidden Leaders [2014]

Watch how lives are improving in rural Ethiopia due to reproducible business practice and microenterprise.

Ex:Change [2011]

Ex:Change reveals a heart-touching friendship between two young women from different cultures & religions who find friendship.

Print & Publications

Modern Nomads [2015]

Somalis are making the news throughout the world, but often not for the right reasons. Modern Nomads is a fresh new approach to telling the stories you won't hear from the news... stories of hope, inspiration, and reasons to celebrate Somalians and their culture.